NSV writes City Council on Marpole Community Plan on April 2, 2014

Reproduced below is the full text of the NSV letter submitted to Vancouver City Council concerning the Marpole Community Plan. This planning document will be debated at a Council Committee meeting on April 2, 2014 at 2 pm.

Letter to Council

April 1, 2014

Mayor Robertson and Councillors
City of Vancouver
453 West 12 Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 1V4

Dear Mayor Robertson and Councillors,

Re: Marpole Community Plan – April 2, 2014

Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV) acknowledges that progress has been made since the Marpole Community Plan process was extended. Concerns remain, however, that have not yet been resolved.

Although the controversial “Thin Streets” has been removed from the plan and much of the single-family zoning remains as requested by the community, other aspects of the plan still need to be resolved. These issues are of city-wide concern since they could set precedents and have broader impacts.

Some examples of the many concerns are as follows:

  • excessive heights proposed for development along the arterials
  • extent of areas designated to developer driven spot rezonings
  • number of older, more affordable rental buildings placed at risk of redevelopment
  • lack of affordable housing for displaced tenants
    impacts on traffic and public transportation with a large increase in population
  • Canada Line’s capacity to handle the increased demand
  • lack of amenities for current residents and future growth
  • lack of consultation and no general support for possible future relocation of the Marpole Community Centre from Oak and West 59th Avenue.
  • absence of neighbourhood-wide survey (e.g. RPSC CityPlan Choices Survey) to establish level of community support for the range of proposed development areas
  • lack of clarity on how other city policies such as the Cambie Corridor Plan Phase 3 may further impact the area of the Marpole Community Plan within the Cambie Corridor.

Some specific concerns about the proposed RM-8, RM-8N, RM-9, and RM-9N zoning:

  • the proposed bylaws for the City initiated rezoning of single family houses to multiple dwelling units (RM-8, 8N, 9 & 9N) were never seen by the community prior to the publication of the staff report
  • these new bylaw drafts include a range of scenarios where limits can be exceeded at the sole discretion of the Director of Planning
  • new bylaws have also removed the Development Permit Board from its usual role in reviewing applications that do not fall under outright zoning and concentrate the decision making process into the hands of one unelected official, the Director of Planning
  • there appear to be too many loopholes that may have unintended consequences

Foregoing and other outstanding concerns should be addressed through ongoing neighbourhood-based consultation and with local support established through a neighbourhood-wide survey prior to approval of the Marpole Community Plan.


The Steering Committee
Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver

Website: nsvancouver.ca ; Email: info@nsvancouver.ca

Agenda: http://former.vancouver.ca/ctyclerk/cclerk/20140402/ptec20140402ag.htm
Policy Report: http://former.vancouver.ca/ctyclerk/cclerk/20140402/documents/ptec6-optimized.pdf

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