NSV Steering Committee

The Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV) Steering Committee


Greg Booth, Kitsilano
Randy Helten, West End
Ned Jacobs, Riley Park/South Cambie
Elizabeth Murphy, Point Grey

Other Contributors:
Stephen Bohus, Mt. Pleasant
Joseph Jones, Norquay
Others from the network based on the issue

Roles of the Steering Committee and the Network

NSV is a network of individual members from neighbourhoods across the city.

NSV’s network assists individual members from neighbourhoods who have common interest to work together and to provide knowledge resources where possible. Individual neighbourhoods are expected take the lead on their own neighbourhood’s issues.

To advance the efforts of the network, a Steering Committee works at times alone, and sometimes with other members in the network who are able to contribute. NSV is based entirely on volunteer efforts of individuals and members.

During the 2008 civic election, the NSV network articulated a number of critical questions for candidates and compiled their responses, which serve to evaluate candidates for member endorsement and as a basis upon which to evaluate the actions of those who were elected. NSV ran five candidates in the 2011 civic election and also endorsed six candidates from various parties to complete a slate for Mayor and Council.

Between civic elections (every three years), NSV responds to policies, decisions, and actions of the City as they arise.

To comment on important issues in City Council, when time permits, draft documents are circulated to the network for input, which is then incorporated into the final document sent from the NSV Steering Group to the City. Input is sometimes also sought from experts and academics. Input is especially sought from local neighbourhoods affected by a City policy or decision. A letter from NSV to the City is typically signed by the Steering Committee. The letter is usually circulated to the entire network after being sent to the City and any further comments received are noted.

When time permits, on letters of common neighbourhood concerns, NSV letters in the past, prior to the 2008 civic election, had been taken by individuals to neighbourhood group executive bodies for approval. One example is a statement from the NSV network in 2008 critiquing the City’s policies on EcoDensity, in which case, the statement listed all the groups that endorsed it.

Unfortunately the short time frames (sometimes only hours or days) resulting from the City’s typical timing of information release on policies, rezonings, and decisions, make it rare that the entire network can respond. However, the Steering Committee does its best to faithfully reflect the generally accepted values expressed by NSV network over time.

NSV holds a few meetings per year, but most of our work is done by email to info@nsvancouver.ca