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Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV) Candidates | Civic Election 2011

Randy Helten Elizabeth Murphy Nicole Benson Marie Kerchum Terry Martin
Randy Helten
For Mayor
Elizabeth Murphy
For Councillor
Nicole Benson
For Councillor
Marie Kerchum
For Councillor
Terry Martin
For Councillor

MEDIA RELEASE November 24, 2011

We stand for…

Neighbourhood-based Real Democracy

  • Reform campaign finance: Regulators of land use policy should not be funded by those they regulate. The development industry is the largest funder of the NPA and Vision Vancouver.
  • Respect neighbourhoods: We promote local community grassroots planning processes that respect existing visions and local area plans.
  • Strengthen neighbourhood representation: Through partial or full wards, neighbourhood councils, community advisory bodies and other mechanisms such as polling on significant issues based on the voters’ list to determine public support.


  • Strive for a holistic balance: Environmental, social and economic sustainability implemented through community engagement.

Vancouver-based Solutions

  • Find solutions that work: Accommodate growth in ways that suit the uniqueness of Vancouver and the character of our neighbourhoods.We pledge to act on the public’s interest for the people of Vancouver.

History in the Making – New NSV Team at City Hall

Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV) is an organization made up of individual electors from neighbourhoods across Vancouver, of which many individuals are also part of neighbourhood groups whose views help to inform NSV Principles and Policies. NSV is endorsing candidates on the ballot in the upcoming 2011 civic election.

NSV is offering an alternative to Vision Vancouver and the NPA who are both effectively the same on city planning and development issues since they are heavily funded by the development industry. Regulators of land use policy, such as Vancouver’s City Council, should not be funded by those they regulate. Excessive amounts of money should not be raised or required for local elections.

NSV is endorsing a diverse team of individuals- not career politicians but highly committed, capable residents – who want to serve the public interest and create a sustainable future for all the people of this city.

NSV supports sustainable development in a scale, pace and form that protects heritage buildings, affordable rental housing and neighbourhood character, implemented through genuine grassroots neighbourhood-based planning processes. Affordable and social housing should also be a priority and designed to perform well within the scale and character of each neighbourhood. We want our city to be ecologically, socially, and financially sustainable.

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