Little Mountain Redevelopment Stalled Again (article by Ned Jacobs)

Little Mountain Redevelopment Stalled Again: Developer’s refusal to provide amenities symptomatic of a failed housing strategy

By Ned Jacobs, June 17, 2014

Since 2009, when all but four of the 224 homes at Little Mountain Housing were demolished, the 15-acre site, which housed a well-functioning community in 2007, has sat fenced off and empty except for a scattering of trees. A single rowhouse building remains because several of the tenants courageously refused to be displaced by BC Housing.

Rather than forcibly remove the tenants, which would have made the provincial government’s ongoing public relations disaster even worse, they were allowed to remain, as chronicled by documentary maker David Vaisbord.11Vaisbord_Media_Maker_with_Community-Member_Ned_Jacobs

Vaisbord & Jacobs at Advisory Group Meeting 2012

Read more about why the Little Mountain redevelopment is stalled:

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