Get Involved with City Hall

Write a Letter to City Hall Council and Staff

To send a letter to Council, email
This e-mail address goes to the City Clerk’s Office who will distribute it to the Mayor, Council and staff.

You may also send your letter directly to the members of Council and staff individually if you wish.
View a full list of elected members

Influence City Council Meetings and Decisions

Vancouver City Hall’s regular cycle of business generally repeats every two weeks, with Regular Council and a committee meeting on a Tuesday, and another committee meeting on the Wednesday. Public hearings are often on a Monday or Tuesday night. Agendas are typically posted on the City website on the Wednesday of the week before the meetings. As this does not provide much advance notice, especially for major policies and decisions, it is important to be vigilant and watch for important items on the agendas. If you notice one, contact people in your community about concerns, and communicate with your elected officials to address them. You may consider calling, meeting in person, writing, or actually speaking to City Council. Agendas (and minutes for past meetings) are posted here.

Speak at Council Meetings

Anyone who wants to speak to Council may do so at committee meetings or at public hearings. To speak to an item at a Council meeting you must request (write or call) to speak and if granted, the item will typically be referred to a committee meeting (often that afternoon or the next day) to hear speakers. Usually Council will allow the request.

To request to speak by email, write to Your email will go to the City Clerk’s Office. Or contact the Meeting Coordinator as shown on the agenda for the meeting date.

Respond to City Surveys

Go to the City of Vancouver website to find information on the issue of concern and to see of there is a related survey or public consultation process.

There usually is an oportunity to provide comments at some point in the process, but unfortunately the public view is often disregarded or misinterpreted.