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Letters from NSV to Vancouver City Council (unless stated otherwise) in 2015 (newest at top)

NSV-Marine Gardens public hearing 24-Feb-2015 NSV-DODP-Feb.3-2015

NSV-DODP-Feb.3-2015 (Downtown Official Development Plan changes, after Supreme Court Ruling on Community Association New Yaletown v. City of Vancouver)

Letters from NSV to Vancouver City Council (unless stated otherwise) in 2014 (newest at top)

BC_FinanceReform_Nov7_2014_v2white (to Provincial Government Task Force on Election Campaign Finance Reform)

Character House Network Letter to council-v5, June 2014

NSV-Marpole Community Plan


Letters from NSV to Vancouver City Council in 2012 (newest at top)

NSV – Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability-Sept 24-2012

NSV-comments on CoV Transportation 2040 (12-Jul-2012)

NSV to Council_Election Finance Reform Motion B3_31-Jan-2012

NSV to Council_Galt St_Public Hearing_30-Jan-2012

NSV to Council_Public Hearing Process, Procedures Bylaw_28-Feb-2012



Note: Below are letters from NSV to Vancouver City Council from 2007 through 2011, sorted by topic.

Cambie Corridor

EcoDensity 2007

EcoDensity (February – April, 2008)

EcoDensity (May – June, 2008)

Election 2008 Questionnaire Results

Election Reform

Green Bonusing

Heritage Density Bank

Laneway Houses

Metro Vancouver

Mt Pleasant Fraser St


Rental Policies

Rentals STIR (April – June, 2009)

Suites – Basements May 2009

Transit Broadway Corridor


VCPC – June 2010

Vision Implementation Review

Welcome New Council – 2008