NSV writes Council on Grandview Woodland plan extension

Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver sent this letter to Mayor and Council.

July 22, 2013

Dear Mayor Robertson and Councillors,

Re: Clr. Adriane Carr’s Motion to Extended Timeline for Grandview-Woodland Community Plan – Council Meeting July 23, 2013

Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver strongly support Clr. Adriane Carr’s motion directions as follows.

“…THAT Council direct staff to:
Extend the timeline for the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan by at least six months;
Conduct an open and collaborative process for the community to discuss, debate, and select preferred options for the Community Plan. ”

Further we would like to add our support for the community’s request for proper workshops on all areas of the plan. The problems with the plan are not just with the Broadway and Commercial area, but with the entire plan. All the sub-areas of the plan need to be reconsidered and revised to incorporate community input.


The NSV Steering Committee
Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver

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