NSV statement on preparations for 2014 civic election

NSV logo, from headerNSV will be running and/or endorsing candidates for Council, Mayor, Parks Board, and School Board. The composition of the NSV slates has not yet been determined. NSV is also looking into the potential for electoral cooperation with other organizations that support the NSV principles, similar to what we did for the last election.

Some of our comments on the upcoming election are as follows.

  • NSV’s objective is a City Council, Parks Board and School Board dominated by representatives that are socially, environmentally, and fiscally responsible, firmly committed to community involvement in decision making, and free of conflicts of interest.
  • The previous councils in Vancouver over past several election cycles have done enormous damage to democracy and civic engagement, and we believe that Council needs to be more representative and responsive to its citizens.
  • Regulators should never be funded by those they regulate. We strongly call for election finance reforms, and self discipline/voluntary restraint by NPA and Vision Vancouver, the developer/union-funded parties.

Some background on NSV and our platform is available on our website  nsvancouver.ca

More information as follows:

Note: Our policies from 2011 are in the process of being updated and the current draft is here for download:  NSV Updated Draft Sec 1 Basic Principles V14

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