NSV letter to Council opposing Temporary Sales Office as Conditional Use in RS and RT (Residential) Zoning Districts

Download PDF: NSV-Amendment to RS-RT Zones-March 14-2014

March 14, 2014

Mayor Robertson and Councillors
City of Vancouver
453 West 12 Avenue
Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 1V4

Dear Mayor Robertson and Councillors,

Re: Public Hearing –  Amendments to Permit Temporary Sales Office as Conditional Use in RS and RT (Residential) Zoning Districts

 Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV) is opposed to this proposed text amendment to the RS (Single Family) and RT (Duplex) zoning and development by-law.

This proposal has significant implications for neighbourhoods across the city, yet no effective notice has been provided or consultation conducted to establish the extent of public support.

Temporary Sales Offices  represent a substantial change in use of residential areas, which  is currently not allowed because of impacts  related to traffic, parking and signage associated with their commercial nature.

We request that the City consider other more appropriate options such as consideration through the Board of Variance.  Assuming that an applicant can reasonably justify that no other suitably zoned site could be used for  subject purpose, and where the community supports the conditions of  proposed temporary use, the Board of Variance could consider such a request.

We further request that, in no case, would approval by the Board of Variance (or otherwise) permit the demolition of a heritage or character building or construction of any new structure, having scale and/or form inconsistent with the existing by-law.


Greg Booth
On behalf of the Steering Committee
Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver
Website: nsvancouver.ca ; Email: info@nsvancouver.ca

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